Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Encyclopedia Areeettaa

Encyclopedia Areeettaa.  Walking, talking, sushi eating personal google.

A Rita facebook vignette:

Alisha > Rita 
Thank goodness for the encyclopedia of Areeettaa. You are like my own personal google that eats sushi with me. Its so fun.
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My little sister, so observant...so eloquent.
I love when user error leads me to things I've forgotten about.  Well, in this case it was less user error and more a determined, pain in the ass cat walking across the keyboard.  Regardless, a happy accident.

October 2010 was too long ago to recall what my second superpower was being put to use on, most likely providing a definition to something.
The word "plash" comes from the Middle English word "plasch" and can mean "to splash" or it can refer to a pool.  Totally unsuspecting...       

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