Monday, December 15, 2014

Cat and Dogma

A while back I wrote about my musical version of Carl Rogers.  I have a visual CR procession too, and I've had need of it lately.  It usually starts with modern sci-fi mixed with classic films like Singin in the Rain (total fave), then it moves onto classic camp like Bewitched or The Brady Bunch; it ends with sci-fi like Star Trek (TOS or TNG) and the Original Trilogy (yes, that original trilogy, there is only one) because few things cheer me up like Star Wars and Star Trek.  Seriously, they make my world right...nerd, I know.

Life has been put into considerable perspective the past few weeks.  I have met some amazing people through my program, and I value the knowledge I have received. However, with the possibility of a potentially truncated life expectancy, the absurdity of the past 4 years is nearly intolerable.  In general, it is a very bad idea to tell me I cannot do something, unless one is hoping I will succeed, because I take it as a challenge and an attempt to control me.  I will not allow others to control me or predict my failure in most situations. Unfortunately, the current situation is something I have minimal say in.  At this point, if things don't turn out well, they might be doing me a favor.  Nonetheless, I think the most annoying and frustrating part of this process is realizing I may have wasted valuable time (life!) striving to do something I excel at (by all reasonable measure) and love beyond measure simply to be denied based on outdated, asinine academic dogma.  It isn't exactly hope inspiring.    

So, here I am, written exams.  The photo below is what it looks like, in part, this time.  All the requisite items are present: coffee, computer, journal articles, cat, flashcards, study schedule...

I've got various bits of information on various bits of professional issues in counseling psychology in my head. While I could have held a discussion regarding training, evidence based practice in psychology, practice in small communities, prescriptive authority, multicultural proficiency, counseling competencies, social justice, psychologist involvement in military interrogations, and prevention psychology months ago, I can certainly do so with facility now.  I guess we'll find out if I'm facile enough for academic dogma on Thursday...

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