Sunday, July 21, 2013


 I'm working on writing something that highlights one of my most unusual quirks-- spontaneous and sometimes elaborate stories produced by my imagination regarding events in my daily life.  Serious daydreams.  Most recently it was an urban gladiator style match between two panhandlers standing on opposite sides of an exit ramp.  Who really wants this $20?  More on that later.

This morning, I've been working on data in R.  I've been listening to ABBA as I go along.  There may be some daydreaming as this happens too, often times in the form of me ripping my laptop in half with my bare hands.  Sometimes it's me having a stroke of genius, instead of feeling like I'm just having a stroke.  I think my choice of ABBA is a subconscious way of reminding myself I have options.  During the first year of my doctoral program, a Pink Squirrel Associate and I decided that we could always leave the doc program and start a successful disco group called Ex Post Facto.  It could still happen.  We would team up with other groups like Phi Hat and the Degrees of Freedom.

When it comes to using ABBA as a tool for motivation, I can't decide if watching them supports my drive to complete my program or makes me want to start collecting jumpsuits.  

Oh, R..."I have met my destiny in quite a similar way, the history book on the shelf is always repeating itself.  Watterloo- [R] I was defeated, you won the war.  Waterloo- [R] Promise to love you for ever more.  Waterloo- [R] Couldn't escape if I wanted to.  Waterloo- [R] Knowing my fate is to be with you.  Waterloo- Finally facing my Waterloo"

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